Dawn Spragg, MS LPC, Founder

Dawn is the co-founder of the Teen Action and Support Center (with husband Greg) and currently serves as Director of Therapeutic Services. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Family Mediator.

Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling. Dawn is passionate about the positive impact teens can make in their schools and communities. Her hope is that all teenagers will have access to the support they need to believe in themselves and realize their full potential.

Dawn and her husband have three grown children and two grandchildren. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities, and spending time at the lake.

You can reach her at dawn@tascnwa.org

Jacqueline Perez, Director of Operations

Jacqueline is the Director of Operations for TASC, where she coordinates, develops new opportunities, trains staff, and more.

Jacqueline has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Spanish, and Latinx American Studies from the University of Arkansas. She has worked with a multitude of nonprofits in the Northwest Arkansas area, such as Catholic Charities Immigration Services, Peace at Home Family Shelter, and Ozark Guidance.

During Jacqueline’s free time she enjoys partaking in social justice movements, reading, binge-watching TV shows, and constantly educating herself.

You can reach her at jacqueline@tascnwa.org

Alyssa Snyder, Director of Community Service & Engagement

Alyssa is the Director of Community Service & Engagement for TASC, working to connect youth with meaningful opportunities to discover more about themselves, and the world around them, through curated community exploration and service projects.

An avid volunteer since her pre-school days, Alyssa could frequently be found tagging alongside her mom as she managed cases at the local food bank, delivered food to homes she knew were struggling, and modeled the power of what one individual can do to affect those around them. Even at a young age, Alyssa realized this was what made her spark.

After graduating with a degree from the Walton College of Business in 2009, struggling to find meaningful employment, Alyssa drew upon inspiration from her early years of community exploration. In the years to follow, Alyssa would go on to co-create multiple community based startups, bridging gaps between what exists and what could be possible --- realizing that the most effective way to affect change, is to create it.

When not working (yes, there are times!), Alyssa enjoys having a great meal, sitting on a back porch with friends talking about all the things, traveling whenever and wherever possible, and being a mother to several fur children: Skooter, Tatters the Catters, and the late Oskar (who was the original TASCot).

Alyssa would love to know you. You can reach her at alyssa@tascnwa.org

Michele Witschi, Director of Education & Resources

Michele is the Director of Education and Resources overseeing the First Steps, and Teen Thrive programs at TASC. She coordinates resources, educational opportunities, conducts case management, and offers support to the Youth Engagement Specialists.

Michele is a California transplant, but has been residing in Northwest Arkansas for nearly 20 years. Having earned her Bachelor's in Social Work from the University of Arkansas, she has experience working with marginalized populations and non profit organizations. It is her goal to empower her clients, ensuring they are in safe and stable homes, helping them reach their full potential and achieve their goals. She believes teens have a fresh perspective and much to offer when given the opportunity.

Michele has a long history of volunteer work, serving on her children's PTO, and engaging with the community. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, cycling, and exploring. She also loves gaming and spending time with friends and family.

You can reach her at mwitschi@tascnwa.org

Michele Hoyt, Administrative Director

Michele is the Administrative Director for TASC, where she provides staff support, office management, client scheduling, assistance on special projects, and any area where she is needed.

She has over 20 years of banking, operations, training, management, and administrative experience. She spent 15 of those years at Arvest Bank.

While she has a natural knack for details, coordinating, and communicating, she also has a heart and empathy for people. Michele believes that everyone has a story behind the scenes, and behind the screens, and that folks are dealing with so much that others often know nothing about. People need to know that someone is for them and that they have purpose and potential. She is grateful to be a part of an organization that is positively impacting, empowering, and investing in teens.

Michele finds joy in Jesus, spending time with family, getting together with friends, volunteering & helping others, learning new things, attending concerts & sporting events, reading non-fiction, playing the piano, and traveling.

You can reach her at michele@tascnwa.org

Gabriela Torres, Assistant Director of The Station

Gabriela is the Assistant Director of The Station where she is able to connect with staff and teens that walk in every day. Gabriela assists in developing and implementing plans and goals for The Station, while also making sure The Station is organized and welcoming to all who enter.

Gabriela grew up in Springdale and graduated from Springdale High School. She's glad to be able to give back to her community through the arts. Gabriela works alongside the LatinX Theatre Project (LXTP) as a writer, performer, and marketing coordinator. Being a part of LXTP she’s been able to perform all over NWA and be a part of High School Workshops across the region. She formerly worked with the Arts Center of the Ozarks (ACO) as their Office Manager and Box Office Manager. There she was able to grow and learn from a variety of people that came through the doors. After two years with ACO, she was ready for her next adventure.

Gabriela loves all types of films, food, and music. She's always interested in exploring new possibilities and making the best out of every situation.

You can reach her at gabriela@tascnwa.org

John Wayne Pharr, Studio Manager at The Station

John Wayne is the Studio Manager of TASC's newly established JWP Studio at The Station. Through his role, he plans to educate and serve teens who have a desire to enter the music and media industry.

John Wayne is a Pilipino-American who has spent each half of his life on opposite sides of the world. But no matter where he has been, there has always been an innate desire to make sounds and capture them. As a child, he began his musical journey as an avid listener, which then progressed into learning to become a keyboardist, a choir member, then finally a self-taught guitarist. That path proceeded to take on roles as an audio engineer, videographer, and live sound technician. Nowadays, he attempts to combine those roles, alongside other creators, to create new musical experiences for himself and whoever they reach.

You can reach him at studio@tascnwa.org

Kelly Hauser, Accountant

Kelly is the Accountant for TASC. Prior to her joining Teen Action & Support Center in February 2018, Kelly worked in numerous areas of accounting. She has a wide range of experience, including the management of teams specializing in audit/forensic accounting. She is a native of Rogers/Lowell and was drawn back to the area after obtaining her B.B.A. in Finance with an emphasis in Accountancy. Through the years she has proudly served on several nonprofit boards in Northwest Arkansas.

Kelly and her husband have a son, Brett, who is nearing college completion and a daughter, Taylor, who is nearing high school completion. She enjoys playing tennis, pickleball, attending concerts, and entertaining family and friends.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelo -

You can reach her at kelly@tascnwa.org

Darcy Castaneda, Administrative Specialist

Darcy is the Administrative Specialist for TASC, where she works behind the scenes to make sure the organization runs smoothly on a daily basis.

Darcy graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in May 2018 with a B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences. GO BEARS! She is currently a graduate student at UCA, obtaining her M.S in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Darcy eventually wants to use her education to serve others in the community and help them achieve their goals in life, no matter how big or small. Darcy’s love for working in nonprofit began when she interned at a Children’s Advocacy Center where she was fortunate to witness first hand how people have endless compassion and support for others in the community. Working at TASC has given her another chance to see the different programs in action to encourage and empower teens in Northwest Arkansas. Darcy hopes in the future she is also able to make a difference and leave a mark for others to lead by example.

In her spare time, Darcy enjoys reading a good book, journaling, and watching movies.

You can reach her at darcy@tascnwa.org


Maximiliano Perez, Youth Engagement Specialist

Max is a Youth Engagement Specialist for the TASC Inservice program. He is an organizer and student of the people, and a community member.

Max is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas studying communications. Max enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his dogs, and loves to try new food.

He is open to questions or setting up a time to meet. You can reach him at max@tascnwa.org


Kenny Arredondo, Creative Intern

Kenny is a Creative Intern for TASC at The Station, where he offers creative guidance towards the visions and goals of youth in the area, while bringing people together in the studio space, creating art in and for the space, and leading initiatives for the community.

Kenny has been a co-founder of Springdale artist and activist collective Stitches, and has been active in the regional community organizing art shows, workshops, and collaborations with local organizations such as the Workers Justice Center, the Arts Center of the Ozarks, Teen Action & Support Center, and Crystal Bridges. Kenny helps create a more connected community of change making, compassion, and love in the region.

Kenny is a plant and science connoisseur, loves biking and hiking, and is from Springdale, Arkansas.

You can reach him at kenny@tascnwa.org

Larissa Navarrete, Creative Intern

Larissa Navarrete a Creative Intern at The Station. Larissa develops projects within TASC for youth development within Northwest Arkansas and is also involved with Building The Block. She is passionate about helping teens create strong foundations within themselves and their community.

Larissa has partnered with The University Of Arkansas an immersed herself within Social Justice and the Arts as well as a course in arts entrepreneurship in order to better equip herself to be an asset within our team. She also worked alongside Crowne Production group in learning the fundamentals to create large events for our community. Larissa also completed an educational course with Ozark Guidance Center on skills and methods to help connect and understand our youth.

Larissa enjoys hikes and nature photography, and is originally from Los Angeles, California. 

You can reach her at larissa@tascnwa.org

Coco Vasquez, Youth Engagement Ambassador

Coco is a Youth Engagement Ambassador for TASC at The Station. Coco connected with TASC during her sophomore year in high school when she began volunteering and creating service projects. During her senior year of high school, she interned at The Station to learn in the ins and outs of a non-profit organization.

Coco is now a Youth Engagement Ambassador, or Y.E.A for short. She creates events for teenagers in the area and connects teens to programs within TASC and beyond. Over the years, she has gained many interests and hobbies, such as singing, songwriting, acting, crafts, thrifting, and skating. She is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas, completing her Bachelors in Communications.

You can reach her at coco@tascnwa.org

Dorseyann Tawoj, Youth Engagement Ambassador

Dorseyann is a Youth Engagement Ambassador for TASC at The Station, where she focuses on helping to engage teens in the area with programs and resources through student outreach. She is bilingual in English and Marshallese and is ecstatic to be a part of the team, as she is our liaison with the Marshallese community in Northwest Arkansas. Dorseyann is ready to change the lives of many teens in the area.

Dorseyann is from Springdale. She is in her first year at NWACC, where she is majoring in primary education. Prior to joining the TASC team, she worked with after school programs in the area.

Dorseyann enjoys babysitting and playing basketball during her free time.

You can reach her at dorseyann@tascnwa.org

Alana Collins, Youth Engagement Specialist

Alana is a Youth Engagement Specialist for the TASC Teen Thrive program. Through her position, she connects teens with their community and needed resources, through case management and mentorship.

Alana is from St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science from Missouri State University in 2018. She is also TEFL (Teaching English as a First Language) certified through the Council on International Educational Exchange.

Alana has a passion for working with at-risk youth and hopes to study social work in future years. She enjoys traveling, food, spending time with friends and family, and learning about new cultures. Alana is a fur mom to Charlie Drew Chaplin.

You can reach her at alana@tascnwa.org


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