Coletta Jones Patterson, Executive Director

Coletta Jones Patterson was raised in Northwest Arkansas and attended Springdale Public Schools. She graduated from Tougaloo College with a degree in Economics and Business Administration before returning “home” and attending the University of Arkansas where she graduated with her Master in Business Administration. Coletta has 15+ years’ experience working with youth and adults in various capacities.

Coletta returned to Northwest Arkansas in 2015 and worked for LifeSource NWA as the Development Director where she secured funding for operations, expanded programming and built collaborative partnerships across the community. She is also a certified professional and executive coach (life strategist) in which she excels in helping others identify destructive thought and behavioral patterns that inhibit forward movement.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Dawn Spragg, MS LPC, Founder

Dawn is the co-founder of the Teen Action and Support Center (with husband Greg) and currently serves as Director of Therapeutic Services. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Family Mediator.

Dawn has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling. Dawn is passionate about the positive impact teens can make in their schools and communities. Her hope is that all teenagers will have access to the support they need to believe in themselves and realize their full potential.

Dawn and her husband have three grown children and two grandchildren. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities, and spending time at the lake.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Jacqueline Perez, Director of Operations

Jacqueline is the Director of Operations for TASC, where she coordinates, develops new opportunities, trains staff, and more.

Jacqueline has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Spanish, and Latinx American Studies from the University of Arkansas. She has worked with a multitude of nonprofits in the Northwest Arkansas area, such as Catholic Charities Immigration Services, Peace at Home Family Shelter, and Ozark Guidance.

During Jacqueline’s free time she enjoys partaking in social justice movements, reading, binge-watching TV shows, and constantly educating herself.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Alyssa Snyder, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Alyssa is the Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for TASC, working to connect youth with meaningful opportunities to discover more about themselves, and the world around them, through curated community exploration and service projects.

An avid volunteer since her pre-school days, Alyssa could frequently be found tagging alongside her mom as she managed cases at the local food bank, delivered food to homes she knew were struggling, and modeled the power of what one individual can do to affect those around them. Even at a young age, Alyssa realized this was what made her spark.

After graduating with a degree from the Walton College of Business in 2009, struggling to find meaningful employment, Alyssa drew upon inspiration from her early years of community exploration. In the years to follow, Alyssa would go on to co-create multiple community based startups, bridging gaps between what exists and what could be possible --- realizing that the most effective way to affect change, is to create it.

When not working (yes, there are times!), Alyssa enjoys having a great meal, sitting on a back porch with friends talking about all the things, traveling whenever and wherever possible, and being a mother to several fur children: Skooter, Tatters the Catters, and the late Oskar (who was the original TASCot).

Alyssa would love to know you. You can reach her by clicking here. 


Maximiliano Perez, Director of Arts & Cultural Programming

Max is the Director of Arts & Cultural Programming. He is an organizer and student of the people, and a community member.

Max is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas studying communications. Max enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his dogs, and loves to try new food.

He is open to questions or setting up a time to meet. You can reach him by clicking here. 


Rachel Holmes, Director of Education & Resources

Rachel Holmes is the Director of Education and Resources, where she coordinates and leads the First Steps, Teen Thrive, and The Closet programs.

Rachel earned her Associates degree in Sociology from San Antonio College in Texas and her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a minor in Sociology from FHSU in Kansas. Her background is in volunteer and program management.

Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, going to the theater, playing board games, having adventures, reading, and binge-watching TV shows. She also loves volunteering and giving back to the community.

You can reach her by clicking here.

Brittany Moody, Administrative Assistant

Brittany is the Administrative Assistant at TASC, where she provides staff support, office management, client scheduling, assistance on special projects, and any area where she is needed.

Brittany has her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Arkansas. She works alongside teens to help them achieve their truest potential while helping them make community connections and find resources.Brittany believes that through community and persistence all teens have the power to make a difference.

In her free time, Brittany enjoys reading, hiking, and hanging out with family.

You can reach her at clicking here.


John Wayne Pharr, Studio Manager at The Station

John Wayne is the Studio Manager of TASC's newly established JWP Studio at The Station. Through his role, he plans to educate and serve teens who have a desire to enter the music and media industry.

John Wayne is a Pilipino-American who has spent each half of his life on opposite sides of the world. But no matter where he has been, there has always been an innate desire to make sounds and capture them. As a child, he began his musical journey as an avid listener, which then progressed into learning to become a keyboardist, a choir member, then finally a self-taught guitarist. That path proceeded to take on roles as an audio engineer, videographer, and live sound technician. Nowadays, he attempts to combine those roles, alongside other creators, to create new musical experiences for himself and whoever they reach.

You can reach him by clicking here.



Evelyn Sosa, Station Administrator

Evelyn is the Station Administrator who works with the Director of Arts and Culture and our Creative Interns to coordinate events, workshops and handle the overall management of our downtown Springdale TASC location.

Evelyn has a passion for helping others and has coordinated fundraisers for Seven Hills through music events and yoga donation classes. Evelyn also works at Seeds that Feed, a non-profit helping provide access to fresh food to food pantries, shelters and elderly patients who face food insecurity. She believes that the best way to impact your community is by helping provide basic necessities and resources. She hopes to continue to create connections and opportunities to get involved in the community.

In her free time Evelyn enjoys traveling, tending to her plants, listening to music, DJ-ing and is currently teaching herself Japanese in hopes of traveling there someday.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Coco Vasquez, Youth Engagement Ambassador

Coco is a Youth Engagement Ambassador for TASC at The Station. Coco connected with TASC during her sophomore year in high school when she began volunteering and creating service projects. During her senior year of high school, she interned at The Station to learn in the ins and outs of a non-profit organization.

Coco is now a Youth Engagement Ambassador, or Y.E.A for short. She creates events for teenagers in the area and connects teens to programs within TASC and beyond. Over the years, she has gained many interests and hobbies, such as singing, songwriting, acting, crafts, thrifting, and skating. She is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas, completing her Bachelors in Communications.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Marcela Perez, Inservice Specialist

Marcela is an Inservice Specialist for TASC where she helps guide youth and families through the Inservice Program. She has a passion for working with and for the community and is able to do both through her role at TASC.

Marcela is currently a junior at the University of Arkansas where she is pursuing degrees in Social Work and Latin American Studies.

Marcela’s interests include photography, reading and writing poetry, and listening to music.

You can reach her by clicking here.


Abby Schoeppe, Youth Engagement Specialist

Abby is a Youth Engagement Specialist at TASC, who works with teens in the Thrive program to provide services and support.  She believes in the power of building relationships to connect with teens and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Abby is a former math teacher, who taught in Springdale and Rogers for 12 years.  She realized during this time that her true passion was working with her students to help them navigate the sometimes difficult road of growing up. Abby holds her Bachelor’s degree in Middle Level Education and Master’s degree in Teaching, both from the University of Arkansas.  

In her free time Abby enjoys hiking, reading, baking, binge watching TV shows, attending concerts and sporting events, and spending time with her family and friends.  

You can reach her by clicking here.


Shelby Osbourn, Creative Intern - Graphic Design

Shelby is an Arkansas based artist and designer currently working towards her BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Arkansas School of Art.

She holds a position as a Creative Intern for TASC in downtown Springdale where she develops curriculum, facilitates student engagement, and aids in coordinating events and workshops for The Station.

She is particularly interested in typography, identity systems, and human-centered design. Her relentless passion for design drives her in her desire to teach NWA youth all about digital processes to help build their artistic practice and professional portfolio.

You can reach her by clicking here. 


Juan Aleman, Creative Intern

Juan Luis Aleman is a Creative Intern for TASC. Juan helps young artists and teens who are working on improving their skills in the field of art. Juan is currently a barista and able to train anyone who wants to learn. He also encourages student engagement, helps coordinate and facilitates events at The Station. He also creates artist workshops and helps young artists develop their portfolios.

He has taken AP art classes and has had his art displayed at different locations across our region. His goal is helping young creatives find their inner artist, and helping them find their strengths and areas of improvement in the field of art.

His goals are to become and improve his art skills and to subsequently become a better teacher. He’s also working on getting his artwork into the public and for people to wear his designs. His desire is to show the people how nature and the human form are so much alike and that both elements are strong and powerful together. He brings his culture and the world that we live into his art. He’s wanting to show and leave a strong meaning behind it.

You can reach him by clicking here.


Ian Garcia, Creative Intern - Advanced Production

Ian Garcia is a Creative Intern at The Station specializing in Advanced Production, where his goal is to involve our local youth in event planning for the community. He is passionate about being in service of others!

Ian is currently a college freshman attending Northwest Arkansas Community College where he is working on his associate degree. He is majoring in Computer Information Systems. Ian is very out-going and enjoys standing out. He enjoys playing sports with friends such as soccer, basketball, and tennis.

Feel free to contact him by clicking here!