Welcome to In Service

In Service is TASC's program for volunteer service. All teens are welcome to come serve with us on a variety of local projects, but most typically, we work with those who:

  • Need volunteer hours for school credentials or National Honor Society
  • Need to fulfill service hours for teen court or traffic court
  • Need to fulfill other court mandated hours
  • Want to get more volunteer experience for their resumés

We plan an array of meaningful service projects throughout NWA.  Not only are you able to fulfill all of your required/desired hours through one convenient place (TASC), but you are given opportunities to give back to the community in ways you never have before. We want you to come away from your experience EXCITED about serving your community, having met new friends, and having learned from one of the many AWESOME adult mentors that will accompany you on projects.

Getting Started

(1) Call 479-636-8272 to schedule your 30-minute intake - those under 18 need to bring a parent/guardian

(2) Once you have completed your intake, you'll have access to Volunteer Hub, which makes volunteering SUPER easy! 

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