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Christmas Teen Sponsorship

We are currently recruiting Christmas sponsors for underserved youth. During our annual Christmas Teen Initiative, we secure sponsors for youth who would not receive Christmas gifts otherwise. You can help by donating below to help fund a wish list of a local teen. We will use monetary donations to purchase gifts for teens who do not receive sponsors All donations are tax-deductible. #inthistogether


Note from our Executive Director:
While many of our local orgs do a fabulous job of serving families for Christmas, there are some special circumstances that many times leaves teens out— 1. Their parents aren’t as involved, so they aren’t applying to these programs for them. 2. If they are a teen parent and have not been able to afford a birth certificate for their baby yet, they don’t qualify for these programs. 3. If they are undocumented, they may not qualify for many programs. 4. If they just moved into the district, are homeless, or transient, it is likely that they missed most deadlines. This is why our deadline is later than most so we can catch as many of those as possible working with school counselors and social workers.