Tale of Two Tables

“We have a lot of tables at the three different Teen Action and Support Center locations. Almost every room has a table- the ones in the kitchen are used for gathering to eat Doritos and drink Gatorade and Dr. Pepper! One table at the Poplar Street location is where teen moms gather and learn about managing their finances. There are tables for projects and sorting resources.

But there are two really important tables I want to tell you about.

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Parenting Pause #1: Resisting Reality Checks

As I discussed in my previous post, sometimes we just have to pause and take a deep breath when we are in the middle of a conversation with our teenager.


Let's pause now and talk about "reality checking.”


When I was in the 6th grade my English teacher, Ms. Cole, told me I was going to be an author. I don't remember what prompted this. The only thing I do remember is that my young, single, and liberated female teacher thought I had the potential to write things other people would read! I couldn't wait to tell my mom when I got home from school. This could be it- this could be the profession for me!


But when I told my mother, she patted my head and said, "You're probably not going to be an author, sweetie."

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to: Parents from: Teen

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About this #NativeTeen blog contributor: 


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I think we should dance

Re-thinking Discipline

I am super proud to be part of a team of people who are committed to taking a collaborative and contemporary approach to working with teenagers in our community. For two years, judges, juvenile justice employees, school officials, community program providers, police department employees, and parents have come together to work toward the best systems of care for teens who are having challenges.

Recently in the news we have had side-by-side examples of what kind of discipline works well with teenagers and what kind does not. I am not making any judgments on those who choose one or the other, but I do think it is important that we consider our soon-to-be-adults and the environment and structures they are growing up in. I also want to disclose that I do not have all the details of both situations (few of us do) so I am only commenting on the general situation and not the individuals involved.

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Seeing a Difference

by Kaitlin McAfee

Volunteering for T.A.S.C

I started my community service this year (2015). My earliest memory of service is helping at Autumn’s Reride. Where a leader and I helped clean stalls, as well as feed and water the horses. There’s nothing I haven’t liked about volunteering my hours at T.A.S.C, it’s a good place to volunteer. They give you a lot of variety on the projects you can help on and they try to make the availability work for everyone. I enjoy getting to see the direct difference I make to that person or to the community when I volunteer my hours. Which is the same reason I would personally rather volunteer my hours, when you see the direct impact your work has on someone else, it also impacts your life.

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